Income-based Scholarship

University of Mid Florida provides an opportunity for those in need of financial help to receive a much-needed income-based scholarship. The Academy proudly offers scholarships so that more individuals have the chance to reach their educational goals without having to worry about their financial state. If you believe that University of Mid Florida could be the right fit for your needs, do not hesitate – apply today and get started on your education journey! Take the first step towards achieving your dreams and grab this excellent scholarship opportunity now.

Eligibility Requirements:
 Student Official Transcripts
 Driver’s license or passport
 Proof of residency
 W-2 forms (US citizens and residents)
 Other yearly records of money earned (If applicable)
 Other Documents you judge will be of favor.

Conditions: Student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and be continuously enrolled; withdrawing from school
or not starting classes in the first semester will result in ineligibility

Annual gross income less than $ 30,000.00 in the year prior to the

Annual income greater than $ 30,001.00 and less than $ 40,000.00 in
the year prior to the application.

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