Student Services

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“Education is one thing no one can take away from you.”


Your Success is Our Priority!

Our student services team is dedicated to helping our students succeed in their academic and career goals. We provide a wide range of services to our students including advising, career services, student support, and student activities. We strive to make our campus a welcoming and supportive environment for all our students. With our student services, we hope to empower our students to reach their highest potential.

Records and Transcripts 

UMF will maintain the permanent educational record for each student. These records include admissions documents, transcript as well as financial records. Transcripts are retained indefinitely and are available to the respective student upon request. Two official transcripts will be provided to students upon graduation. No official academic transcript will be issued to any student who owes a balance to the institution at the time of the request. Upon payment of outstanding debt, a transcript may be issued. The cost per transcript is $10.00 and the form is available upon request from the Registrar. 

Career Services 

UMF is dedicated to helping graduates find employment. All programs are designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions. The Career Services Department will help create a professional resume, sharpen students’ interviewing skills, advise on current job opportunities, and generally assist in the students’ job search. AMF does not guarantee employment. However, the Career Services Advisor will make every effort to assist all graduates in their job search. 

Student Services

UMF provides a myriad of services and resources that ensure our students have the proper support to grow as individuals and academics in a supportive and inclusive environment. Furthermore, the institution maintains a focus on the delivery of educational services and upon acceptance into UMF, students will work directly with the Director of Student Services, who will assist with orientation, registration and assisting students in preparing for the start of classes. The Director of Student Services will be the point of contact throughout the student’s academic journey and will assist with ongoing registration, academic advising, completing of academic and forms and coordinating tutoring sessions with the faculty. 

Should a student encounter any academic issues which may interfere with his or her ability to complete coursework, the Director of Student Services will provide assistance in identifying appropriate solutions and professional guidance in assisting the student with progress throughout their academic journey. 22 

Technical Support 

The Office for Information Technologies at UMF maintains a computing help desk that may be contacted for assistance with any academic computing problems. They can be contacted online at 

Fall Academic Calendar

Registration for Fall Semester Begins – August 1, 2023
Fall Orientation –  August 25, 2023
Fall Semester Begins (Monday) –  August 28, 2023
Labor Day Holiday (No Class) –  September 4, 2023 
Veterans Day Holiday (No Class) –  November 10, 2023 
Thanksgiving Holiday (No Class) – November 23-25, 2023 
Fall Semester Ends –  December 8, 2023
Commencement Exercises – December 16, 2023
Christmas Holiday (No Class) –  December 21-31, 2022